To be a child again…

Today I saw a video of a little girl dancing on “glittery floors” in a mall and it reminded me of something I wrote in the beginning of March and I wanted to share it here…

Good morning, I’ve been very quiet on here, mostly because my days are not my own right now. I go from one task to another like a robot most days. I work, I go to the rehab to visit with my Father, I come home, I eat and I crash. On the days I don’t work I sleep them away trying to catch up on my rest. I did however have a lovely birthday last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed our annual parade day for St Patrick’s Day. This little Irish lassy dressed in her plaid skirt and bonnet and waved at the marchers and the bagpipers and the fire trucks like a little girl, completely enthralled in the moment and I thought, we need to do this more often. Take off the cloak of adult responsibility and be like a child again letting ourselves just take it all in, uninhibited in our celebrations. When is the last time you watched a parade with child like enthusiasm? When is the last time you did anything with child like abandon not caring what the world around you thought? I can’t remember when the last time was that I enjoyed a parade so much. And it showed. Marchers were drawn to me, to wave and smile and shake my hand. The civil war enactors let off their rifles in front of us and the leader turned and said “that’s for you, the girl with pretty smile.” I especially loved the many different groups of bagpipers. They make such a sweet sound.

Child like wonder…I think that is why I love being Grandma, enjoying the littles from their level. My youngest grandchild Jakob tackles everything with a huge grin on his face. He looks at you with every new step as if to say “did you see that?” He goes like lightening from one side of the room to the other and pulls himself up on whatever is sturdy enough to hold him. He’ll be walking soon and then there will be no stopping him 💙. Life from his vantage point is exciting and new. I think we are all like an infant. Learning to crawl before we can walk. Learning to walk before we can run. Looking for something to pull ourselves up on that is strong enough to support us. So find your anchor, whatever that might be. Crawl to it if you have to and then pull yourself up. Stay there for a few minutes until you get your balance and then take a step, then another then another until you can walk away from all that holds you down. And smile at everyone around you and say “Did you see that? I knew I could do it!” And applaud yourself as loudly as you would applaud a child learning to walk. Because we all deserve a round of applause. We are doing it!!!!

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